Mostly working as a computer scientist, also a digital artist sometimes.


tnzk, Kyohey Hamaguchi(濱口 恭平)

Raised up in the end of 90's, I always feel happy when I code or create some manga-things.

After working as CTO or something in Synclogue Inc. since '08 to '14, I live as a freelance engineer. I'm now very interested in CV.

old (for those who miss it, like me :)

English version


Feel free to contact me by: tnzk/a/

I am now extremely interested in CV fields, but I can build a web system by just myself with Rails and others.



Things available on web:


  • Description: App virtualization for Windows.
  • Duration: 2008-2014
  • Technology: C/C++(MSVC), Rails, x86/64, C#

My first product being public. I wrote the virtualization layer with PE code injection and process-notification of software driver, both of statically and dynamically.

Uchinoko Matome Beta

  • Description: Easy tool for creating original-character profile page.
  • Duration: 2014-present
  • Technology: Rails

For my friends in comic field, with one of them. I built up the Rails app and running on Heroku.